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What is a Modular Building?
Modular buildings are sectional prefabricated buildings that are manufactured in a plant, and delivered to the customer in one or more complete modular sections.

Modular Building Uses?
Modular buildings have a wide variety of uses. They will either be used for long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Such uses include construction camps, schools and classrooms, civilian or military housing needs and industrial facilities.

Modular buildings are a perfect solution in remote and rural areas where conventional construction may not be reasonable or even possible.

Other uses have also been found for modular buildings including fast food restaurants, medical offices, shops and retail space.

Modular Building Benefits
Modular buildings are very affordable because of the factory construction of these buildings. They are a very cost effective compared to conventional construction. These units are typically constructed in an enclosed facility, therefore weather is not a factor in the construction time line. Material delivery fees are also out of the equation because an ample amount of material will always be available at the facility, as opposed to being delivered in limited quantities to the job site, nearly eliminating construction delays.

Modular Building Beginings
Modular buildings are essentially pre-fabricated buildings taken to a new and larger scale. The use of pre-fabrication goes back over a hundred years. It started gaining popularity very early in the 20th century. Sears Roebuck Co. sold over 500,000 pre-fabricated homes between 1910 and the 1940.

Can Modular Buildings Be Custom Designed?
The short answer is a resounding, YES! While there are a very few limitations to the size of individual modules, the design inside and out can work from the only limitation is "the budget" thought process.

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